In a harrowing ordeal captured by CCTV cameras, a routine journey along the Accra-Kumasi highway turned perilous as armed robbers ambushed a vehicle carrying passengers. The incident, which occurred at dawn, showcased the quick thinking and decisive actions of the driver and occupants as they narrowly evaded danger.

The video footage, now circulating widely on the internet, reveals the chilling moments when the assailants halted the vehicle and opened fire. Miraculously, the driver managed to swiftly reverse the vehicle, dodging the bullets aimed their way. Fortunately, no injuries were reported among the passengers as they retreated to safety, but nearby vehicles may not have been as fortunate.

Armed robbery along highways is a prevalent menace, often characterized by sudden attacks on unsuspecting travelers. Employing tactics such as makeshift roadblocks and aggressive coercion, robbers seize valuables and instill fear among their victims. Particularly vulnerable are market women, carrying substantial sums of money from their transactions, making them prime targets for such criminal activities.

These incidents typically occur during the early hours of the morning, capitalizing on low visibility and sparse traffic to execute their crimes discreetly. Despite efforts by authorities to bolster surveillance and law enforcement, combating such crimes necessitates a comprehensive strategy addressing socio-economic factors driving individuals to engage in robbery.

While security measures have been implemented along the Accra-Kumasi road, travelers are urged to exercise caution, especially during nighttime journeys. Remaining vigilant, avoiding isolated stops, and promptly reporting suspicious activities are vital precautions to mitigate the risk of armed robbery. Although the threat persists, proactive measures can enhance the safety of road users.

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